About me

Young and vibrant developer with a passion for programming!

am a young man (24 y/o) filled to the brim with my passion for coding. I have been programming since I was in the 7th Grade (14 y/o) where my curiosity about video games websites, and the software therein got the better of me.

Besides programming, I have been an active member of the Danish Scouting Corps (DDS) both as a hobby, but also as a way of life. This hobby has thoroughly influenced me both in logical thinking and communicatively with people of all kinds.

For leisure, I often play video games and have been an active administrative member of various communities which has led me to have a good understanding of the processes that projects, and tasks undergo from both user's and developer's point-of-view.


This is an image made when we learned about photoshop


This is an image of Stitch made in illustrator